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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Chris is lying on the beach, gazing at the water. Suddenly it ripples, and something begins to emerge from the tiny waves. It’s a human head, flowing with long dark hair which drapes itself over a pair of symmetrical shoulders.

A beautiful Asiatic shape is stepping out of the sea. Water glistens on fine breasts and runs down into the enticing navel.

Oh… thinks Chris.

The fabulous form advances further, slim bare hips catching the sunlight, which is blinding for a moment. Next is the dark patch of silky hair at the junction of the beautiful thighs.

‘God…’ gulps Chris.

Still the sublime body moves forward, step by step. But something’s wrong. Chris blinks. Between the slender thighs is more shiny pale brown flesh – a streak of it, dangling, where Chris should be seeing the blue of the sea or the sky. What hangs there is unmistakably masculine.

‘Jesus Christ,’ gulps Chris. ‘The Birth of… the Birth of… er, it rhymes with Venus…’

She gets up, dusts off the sand, adjusts her bikini top and goes to shake hands in the spume.


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